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Alias anti-tilt bar, function is the original part of the auxiliary elastic part. The role of the anti-roll bar is to prevent the body from tilting when the car turns at the intersection. The anti-inclination bar is made of high strength and high toughness spring steel, most of which are in the form of the English letter U and are placed across the front and rear axles of the car. The rod itself is linked with sleeve and frame, and the two ends of the rod are fixed on the suspension at both ends respectively. When the vehicle is running in the straight road, the suspension on both sides will do the same deformation movement, and the anti-tilt rod will not work at this time. When the car is turning in the curve, the suspension on on both sides will have different deformation, transverse. The thrust rod will be twisted, and the elastic force of the rod itself becomes the backlash of the roll, that is, the resistance, which plays a stable role in the structure of the car body.

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